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My name is Anita Date, design consultant and proprietor of .32-20 reVamp. I can guarantee that any piece of reVamped furniture you purchase here will be a unique and individual one-off. I feel I can make that claim because from conception to completion of a piece, I am duty bound only by the rules of good design.

The highest consideration goes not only into the elements that govern that design, but also how these elements might be applied to bring new life and a uniqueness to each and every piece.

I am steadfast that my own personal taste has no place in this process. Rather I am open to your personal tastes and needs, so apart from a ready-made range, I am also available to discuss and guide you through a design process that will ultimately bring you a product to fit your needs and space.

It is chiefly because of my design ethic and training that I also offer this service, because I would rather have no clients at all than an unhappy one.

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